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Joining BIOSCIRD offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities for individuals interested in academics, research, and educational development. As a member of BIOSCIRD, anyone aged 18 years and above with a higher secondary educational level up to postgraduate statuses can participate. Regardless of your vocational affiliations, if you have a passion for learning and knowledge, you can apply for membership considerations. BIOSCIRD encompasses various arms such as the Research Handle, Educational Handle, Business Handle, Media & Communication, and Tourism & Exposure Handle, providing a diverse range of avenues for engagement. One of the enticing aspects of joining BIOSCIRD is the compensation it offers. Both staff members and contributors are paid for their work, ensuring that your contributions are recognized and valued. Furthermore, BIOSCIRD extends financial support and scholarships to its dedicated Volunteer Members (BVM) and Full Members (BFM), enhancing their educational and professional endeavors. Moreover, BIOSCIRD also provides employment opportunities, offering a comprehensive ecosystem for individuals seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career. By becoming a member of BIOSCIRD, you gain access to a dynamic organization that values your expertise and commitment, fosters personal growth, and provides a platform to contribute to impactful initiatives in the fields of bioscience and beyond.

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